Tips and reminders to lower your utility bills and avoid costly disasters.

Lower utility bills

Everyone likes to save money, what better way than to save on your utility bills!

Let’s see how you can save a lot of money. Even if it seems that each month we pay hundreds of dollars for utility bills, there are many steps you can take to reduce your monthly bills without any difficulty.

What lighting equipment do you use?
After air conditioning, most of the energy costs in most American families are electricity costs for lighting and equipment. In ordinary households, these expenses represent approximately 33% of the total energy bill. The easiest way to drastically reduce electricity bills is to install compact fluorescent lamps on all lights. Compact fluorescent lamps may be initially more expensive than traditional incandescent lamps, but these energy-saving plants consume 75% less energy and ten times more than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Disconnect your electronics
When not using your device, simply turn it off! Consumer reports show that you can save between $25 and $75 per year by shutting down your computer when your not using it.

Wash and Air Dry Dishes
Dishes stacked up fast, especially when you have a family of 4 or more! But consider washing by hand a couple days a week or skip the heat dry cycle in your dishwasher.

Replace the air filters every other month
Dirty filters block airflow, which makes the your system run more and consume more energy. Adding a reminder to replace your air filter every other month!

Contact your utility company 
Contact Mountain Parks Electric to see what locals programs and incentives they may have in your area to save money on electricity.

Turn it off
When you’re done using a room, remind everyone in the family to turn off lights. Going on vacation or gone for a couple days? Unplug entertainment systems and shut down electronics when not in use.

Seal your home
Caulk and weather strip windows and doors that are drafty.
Got old windows? Consider getting an estimate on new doors and windows. Save for the following summer to replace.

Check your heating system and update thermostats
Before each winter, get your heating system checked and upgrade to high-tech thermostats that monitor and give you reports.

Get to know your home
Take a walk around your house and seal any openings or gaps round pipes, chimneys, lights, windows and basement bricks and cement work.

Second Homeowner?
Make sure you have someone to check your home on cold days to avoid costly damage of frozen pipes or other disasters that can happen while you’re not there!

Grand Mountain Bank is here to help! Need to make some updates on your home to save money in the long run. Contact us to day for some home improvement loans.



Eco-friendly laundry tips: what are things you can do to save energy while doing laundry?

If you wash many clothes a week, water, energy and products (not to mention the cost) will start adding up.

Follow these ecological washing instructions to reduce the impact of laundry on the environment and save money on electricity bills. Simple switches, like using cold water instead of hot and replacing the detergent, can have a big impact each year.

Make your own laundry product
The only way to really know what happens in the laundry is to prepare your own solution. Use organic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, which are already in your kitchen. Many of these DIY formulas have been used for generations and do the job.

You should use dryline
Nowadays there are ropes produced in an elegant way that facilitate the drying of blankets, towels and delicious food inside and outside. This includes extraction lines that can be extended if necessary and hidden when they are not in use.
In the summer, dropping the dryer, at least temporarily, has several advantages besides reducing the carbon footprint. The clothes last longer because they don’t lose some fiber when they dry when they fall. You will also smell fresh.

Change to energy efficient washers and dryers
If you are looking for a new washer or dryer in the market, buying models that save energy can save water and energy while reducing bills.

Think green
Small changes may increase over time. When you wash your clothes, save energy with these tips:

• Washing at full load saves water, energy and time.

• Pay attention to the amount of detergent used. Too much detergent reduces the efficiency of washing machines and directs more pollutants to the local ecosystem. Always read and follow the instructions in the detergent box.

• Wash the style of the production line for your clothes. If you use the remaining heat in the dryer of the previous load, you can save energy when starting a new load. Therefore, get used to washing several loads in turn.
Remove the load from the dryer and immediately place it in a new wet load.

•Use temporary drying. The dryer settings are convenient and respectful of the environment. Therefore, adjust the drying time each time the clothes dry. For example, nylon panties dry faster than around jeans.

•Wear clothing more than once. You can change your clothes every day, but that does not mean you have to wash all your clothes after one use. It is a good bet that you throw a lot of outer clothes to wash because the habit is not dirty at all. To get wrinkles or wrinkles, just a few minutes in the dryer.