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Grand Mountain BankFSB is a locally owned community bank committed to providing quality, personal service to all the people and businesses in our community. Grand Mountain Bank is dedicated to serve our customers, community, and shareholders with integrity, respect, understanding and appreciation. Your Hometown Bank is made up of a talented team of people who care about their communities and the people they serve.

Ask a Banker – Why does it take so long to process a loan?

Oh boy. I knew that question was coming!

Well, I could give you a bankerly answer, about all of the complexities of processing and approving a loan, but let’s cut right to the chase:

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Eco-friendly laundry tips: what are things you can do to save energy while doing laundry?

If you wash many clothes a week, water, energy and products (not to mention the cost) will start adding up. Follow these ecological washing instructions to reduce the impact of laundry on the environment and save money on electricity bills. Simple switches, like using cold water instead of hot and replacing the detergent, can have … Read More
Data secure accounts

Making sure all your accounts online are secure

If there is a data breach on a large commercial or financial site, you cannot do anything other than change your password, obtain a new credit card and freeze your balance. The ransomware can brick a computer effectively until it pays the ransom. Data stealing Trojans can cancel all secure logins. Fortunately, you can do … Read More
protect from fraud and scams

Cyber fraud: How to protect yourself and recent scams to watch out for

Cybercrime is a constant threat; one might think that the only forms of cybercrime that can be feared are hackers who steal financial information. There are threats that are more than just financial problems. Cybercrime continues to grow, new threats appear every year. It’s good to know how to recognize cybercrime. This can be the … Read More

Safer Internet Day (SID)

Today is Safety Internet Day (SID), with the slogan, “Together for a better Internet”, which is a call to action for everyone to help create a better internet!

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How to Spot and Avoid Common Scams

From the desk of Frank DeLay, President Grand Mountain Bank, FSB Have you ever gotten an email from someone claiming to be royalty? In their email they tell you that they will inherit millions of dollars, but need your money and bank details to get access to that inheritance. You know this email isn’t legitimate, … Read More

Meeting Kari Moe – Assistant Vice President – Loan Officer

As community bankers, we meet with individuals who have loan requests and help them with the application process. We underwrite and present our loans on a weekly basis for approval by our local loan committee. We work with our customers through the closing and continued servicing of the loan. We also provide credit counseling.

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Good Credit, Poor Credit

Building credit: start rebuilding the loan, what you can do to build your credit

Getting rid of bad credit information report and processing previous invoices or debt bills is the best way to rebuild bad credit. To increase your credit score to a level high enough to be approved for credit and loan cards and qualify for higher interest rates, you must go beyond the preliminary steps. You must … Read More
Middle Park High School Baseball

Middle Park High School Baseball Radio Broadcast Schedule

Grand Mountain Bank is helping sponsor the broadcast of a number of the Middle Park High baseball games. If you can’t make the game, be sure to listen in.

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Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media tips for your business

Marketing your small business in social media: tips on what to do and what not to do. What social outlets are best for small businesses? Tips on what to do and what not to do: Domination on the platform Find out where the target customers spend their time online. Then select the social platform and … Read More

Loans: types of loans we offer and how we understand the area better than an outside loan office

Grand Mountain Bank is the only local bank in Grand County, Colorado. The headquarters of the company is located in Granby, Colorado, and has FOUR locations. The Summit County loan office is also located in Frisco. Grand Mountain Banks understands this area better than outside banks and is also popular with local residents. We offer … Read More

Building your savings account: things you can do on a monthly basis to save and put money away

Saving money does not have to be that difficult. You just need practice, after getting used to investing money constantly, you can save enough money for emergency situations, pensions and other goals you want to achieve. You can do it.  All you need is a positive attitude and an effective strategy that will take your … Read More
Lower utility bills

Tips and reminders to lower your utility bills and avoid costly disasters.

Everyone likes to save money, what better way than to save on your utility bills! Let's see how you can save a lot of money. Even if it seems that each month we pay hundreds of dollars for utility bills, there are many steps you can take to reduce your monthly bills without any difficulty. … Read More
Saving for buying a home

Saving for buying a home: saving for a big down payment

Saving for a down payment on a mortgage is the first big step in buying a home. It goes without saying that the discipline is putting money aside and also deciding where these funds are stored. ____________ How much you will need to save? When granting a mortgage, the bank needs an down payment to … Read More